The Leap: How to Survive and Thrive in the Sustainable Economy

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Released: September 2012
Canadian Bestseller
Nominee: Governor General’s Award
Nominee: National Business Book Award

The most vital project of the twenty-first century is a shift from our unsustainable way of life to a sustainable one–a great lateral leap from a track headed for economic and ecological disaster to one bound for renewed prosperity. In The Leap, Chris Turner presents a field guide to making that jump, drawing on recent breakthroughs in state-of-the-art renewable energy, cleantech and urban design. From the solar towers of sunny Spain to the bike paths and pedestrianized avenues of the world’s most livable city–Copenhagen, Denmark–to the nascent “green-collar” economies rejuvenating the former East Germany and the American Rust Belt, he paints a vivid portrait of a new, sustainable world order already up and running.

In his 2007 book, The Geography of Hope, Chris Turner wrote about an emerging world of cleantech possibility. In The Leap, he looks beyond hope to uncover the winners and losers of the future we can no longer deny.

Some highlights:

Canadian Geographic published a thoughtful and very positive review of the book by noted journalist Marq de Villers (in brief: “an argument of considerable reach and subtlety” by a writer who is “an engaging tour guide, mixing reportage with conversation, anecdote and artfully inserted research”)


Toronto urban affairs writer Edward Keenan wrote a review/meditation on The Leap for the excellent Toronto weekly The Grid.


The Winnipeg Free Press reviewed The Leap as well (in brief: “a believable mélange of individual, corporate, state and grassroots innovations and actions already proven on the city-wide, or even national scale”)

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